Charles Caddell

Web & Digital Media Expert for Projects of All Sizes

Accomplished Multimedia Coordinator & Digital Media Specialist with a track record in K12 education and web software industries. Expertise spans Business Planning, Web Design, Mobile Applications, and Management. Strong in graphic design, video production, WordPress, UX/UI design, and project management, driven by a profound commitment to efficient processes and creative problem-solving.

Powerful UX / UI Design

User Experience (UX) & User Interface (UI) is crucial because it directly impacts how users interact with a product or service. My strong UX / UI design capabilities enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, driving repeat business and positive word-of-mouth. By prioritizing UX / UI design, you can increase user engagement, reduce bounce rates, and ultimately achieve your website goals more effectively.

What is UX & UI?

UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) are related but distinct concepts in the design of digital products. In essence, UX is about the holistic user journey and satisfaction, while UI is concerned with the look and feel of the product’s interface. Both are crucial for creating a successful and user-friendly digital experience.

How Can I Help You With UX/UI?

I begin by understanding the target audience and their needs through thorough research and user feedback. Then I work to streamline user interfaces to be intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. I continuously iterate and test to refine the user experience, adapting to evolving user preferences and technological advancements.

Seeking a Digital Media Expert?

With over two decades immersed in the dynamic realm of Digital Media, I bring a wealth of experience that translates into unparalleled expertise for your team. My extensive background spans graphic design, multimedia development, and cutting-edge innovations in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Elevate your projects with a seasoned professional committed to driving excellence in every aspect of Digital Media.

Why is Multimedia Important?
Multimedia or Digital Media is the vibrant heartbeat of modern communication, blending diverse elements like graphics, audio, video, and interactive content to create immersive experiences. As a seasoned professional in this dynamic field, I bring over two decades of expertise, transforming concepts into captivating visual narratives. Joining your team, I ensure the seamless integration of cutting-edge multimedia solutions, driving engagement and amplifying your brand’s impact in the digital landscape.
Digital Media Can Change Your Business

A robust digital media presence is the catalyst for transformative success in today’s business landscape. Elevating your company’s online visibility and engagement, it captivates audiences, fostering brand loyalty and trust. With my expertise, I ensure your digital media strategy becomes a powerful tool, propelling your business forward by creating meaningful connections and leaving an indelible mark in the digital sphere.


The Solution You Are Looking For

With a robust portfolio spanning hundreds of WordPress websites, I specialize in crafting tailored digital solutions, from dynamic e-commerce platforms to seamlessly integrated large-scale Multisite networks exceeding 20,000 pages. My expertise lies in delivering visually captivating and functionally robust WordPress experiences that not only meet but exceed the unique needs of businesses. Let me elevate your online presence with a proven track record of excellence in web development.

Custom Development & Design

Harnessing a wealth of experience, I specialize in crafting bespoke WordPress solutions through the creation of custom themes and plugins. With a proven ability to troubleshoot and resolve any WordPress issue, I bring a unique skill set to tailor and enhance your website. Elevate your online presence by tapping into my proficiency, ensuring your WordPress site not only meets but exceeds your specific needs with precision-coded solutions.

Why choose WordPress?

Unlock the power of simplicity and versatility with WordPress as your content management system. Benefit from user-friendly interfaces, enabling effortless content updates without technical expertise. Embrace a vast ecosystem of plugins and themes, ensuring scalability and customization to perfectly align with your unique business needs.

Recent Work

Make It Count – Campaign

Abilene Independent School District

AISD Mobile App & Responsive Website


Big Country Athletic Hall of Fame

Passageway Games



My experience in software start-ups and entrepreneurial endeavors would give an added value to any company. I have built web-based software for numerous web projects, including two international education companies, and have extensive knowledge of all required programming languages and software suites.

My ability to code and develop on the back-end as well as creating a well designed front-end application is unique. I started my career in graphic design, multimedia development and motion graphics. More recently, I have become known for mobile app development, software engineering and project management. I specialize in user experience (UX) and interface design, which are crucial in building projects that influence and inspire!

Work History
9/2014 - present | Multimedia Communications Coordinator | Abilene ISD
  • Webmaster – maintain 20,000+ page WordPress Multi-Site Network with 24 sub-sites
  • Mobile App Development & maintenance for AISD on iOS and Android
  • Create policies and admin 100+ social media accounts for district & campuses
  • Develop custom web apps and plugins for our WordPress website
  • Training and Direction for social media campaigns and campus websites
  • Publish Newsletters and web-based AISD News blog
  • Video production, Live-streaming specialist and Technical Direction for AISD Live
  • Created in house web building system for use of student websites and clubs/groups
10/2010 - 2015 | CEO, Lead Project Manager| Dream Spectrum, Inc.
  • Owner in Dream Spectrum, Inc. Lead Project Manager, Developer, and Sales
  • Project Management for Enterprise Web & Mobile Applications, .Net & PHP
  • Lead Manager for Developers in various sized projects up to $500,000 builds
  • Social Media Expert and Group Speaker
  • Business Development and Structure of the company including legal structure
  • Copy writing, blogging, SEO, and Social Media Marketing
5/2008 - 2010 | CTO, Project Manager | Nihaoareyou, Inc. – China Start-up ESL Ed.
  • Project Manager and Developer for 3 different prototype applications
  • International Business Development and Structure
  • Brand Marketing & Development
  • Communicate with Global teams to manage servers, Databases, and Network issues
  • Application Recovery Coordinator with various teams
  • Webex Integration and Development

2010 & 2011
Project Management working towards PMP

2001 & 2005
Computer Information Systems May 2005

2001 to 2004
Major: Computer Science

1998 to 1999
Computer Animation & Multimedia Development